Cheater Pot


Cheater Pot

Cheater Pot is the latest innovation in-house painting technology. Its unique design has forever eliminated the dreaded dripping paint pot that all painters have had to deal with every day....until now.

It's patented design comprises a wiping rim and retrieval channel which captures potential paint runs and returns them to the main chamber.

This keeps the outside and underside of the pot paint free which means that even after hours of use it can be set down on any surface with confidence there will be no transfer of paint.

Cheater Pot also features a three position handle system. The handle gently clips into the upright, semi-upright and folded down positions.

The semi-upright position is perfect when working at floor level e.g. painting skirtings or cutting in the bottom of walls. This opens the mouth of the pot for easy brush access whilst leaving the handle easily accessible when it's time to move along.

Made from high-quality Poly Propylene, it is light,durable, solvent & U.V. resistant and is easily cleaned.